According to Vedic concept, the body ends, but the soul lives on. And the persevering current account of Karma continues. Out of all the healing therapies I've come across, I have found those which take our spiritual energies into consideration in having the highest effectivity. Understanding the underlying Design of our current life can be said to be the PRIME OBJECTIVE of our current life existence. There are many ways where life's underlying Designs can be revealed 1) Analysis of the position of planets in one's horoscope/ birth chart 2) Naadi Palm Leaf radings 3) Past life regression 4) Intuition of some genuine clairvoyants, diviners, oracles, gifted people 5) Introspection, ANALYSIS of chronic/ repetitive patterns in our lives. 6) Through different meditations like Dhyana,  Vipassana, etc
Why I am personally so much into Karma, God, Occult, Religion, etc, despite being an Architect by profession is obviously because of my own birth chart/ chart but MAINLY because of my Sun in 12th house. So well explained by our 80's Astro Idol Linda Goodman: Click Link: Linda Goodman on Sun in 12th House. In my personal spiritual journey, I have been fortunate to have many such Karmic revelations known to me. Wherein, Naadi palm leaf reading, guidance from intuitive clairvoyants, and invaluable opinions of some experienced Vedic astrologers had unearthed a wealth of data about my own Karma. And its effects on my current life. After knowing the same i have pursued different therapies, upayas, techniques to address the Karmic residues. And furthermore got pulled into following Vastu, astrology, Karma to be my own calling. To persevere on this path of Karmic unravel-lings. A journey, where i came to realise that most of the negative things that we are experiencing today are fruits of our OWN Past life actions. Acceptance, acknowledge of this basic fact can really help further the healing process. Blind Denial to this only prolongs, postpones the process of Clearing Karmic debts. Acceptance, acknowledgement, addressal, analysis, of Karmic accounts is the first step in the process of Karmic cleansing.
In December 2004, I had gone on one of my regular visits to our ancestral house at Choladhara, Jorhat. The Vastu effects of the South/ SW pond had effected all family members for generations. What perplexed me was that the effects of this negative Vaastu seemed to extend itself to family members who were NOT even residing there. I began scrutinizing horoscopes of different family members in detail. Suddenly I was awestruck by a realization: most of our family clan suffered from negative Jupiter and Ketu!! And this extended to even women marrying into our family. That was the first time I had come face to face with collective fate/ karma! My Ketu worship had exposed me to deep rooted designs of fate. And later exploring Jupiter under the insistence of some enlightened astrologers: Hitesh Deka, Late Biren Bora, astro Upadhyay, Vrits Larsen etc. Patterns and traits which continued across generations. The karmic effects of an entire clan under a similar fate!
After my marriage, I had moved to Delhi in 2006. For years I was boggled by my own ennui, stagnation, atrophy. Suddenly life had transformed into exile without end. Everytime I returned to hometown Guwahati, things would temporarily improve. But yet, i was compelled to return to my voluntary, exile/ stagnation/ atrophy in Delhi. For four years i crawled through incredible exile, stagnation, atrophy without end. Finally in Nov'09, I began 100,000 chant of Ketu. Very soon, after completion, in Dec' 09, we landed up in Kerala for holidays. One thing led to another and we landed up at Naadi astrology courtesy of my friend filmmaker Vipin Vijya. The Naadi reader read out my 13th chapter, the chapter of past life sins, and suddenly a whole new window was opened to me. In my past life I was a Kshatriya warrior in Kutch, Gujarat. Full of physical prowess I had relentlessly oppressed others, killing mercilessly, crippling others, etc. I exploited my employees, and never payed them. Because of my horrific nature, everyone cursed me and finally I came to a complete ruin. After hitting rock bottom, I was guided by sage and began reforming myself. I completely turned to a life of service, prayer, social welfare. And I continued this till my dying days. Tha Naadi reader explained that my current life was a consequence of my prior birth. Because I had damaged, harmed so many in my past life so I experienced atrophy, stagnation, crippling paralysis in this one. So much career, health, finance problems etc. But because the latter half of my past life where I served others, i had a good birth, talents, blessings. Only when my pending debts were cleared, would I find peace and happiness. I performed some pitri dosh puja then and there. And later prayed to specific gods as instructed by Naadi soultions. Gradually my career slowly even started beginning in Delhi. From the endless years of stagnation, life slowly began stirring. As I had finally commenced on my Karmic journey. And I got my first glimpse into deep rooted causes beneath the surface of our mundane existence. my first glimpse into.. Karmic Designs

This blog has gone through multitudes of topic/ subject changes before I finally arrived to begin talking about the topic closest to my heart and soul: underlying Karmic Design. Finally, my pursuit of years of astrology, worship, religion, philosophic enquiry, metaphysics, analysis finally arrived at one conclusive truth: the discover one deeply personal truth: the irrevocable effects of Past Karma upon our present life. Every breath of our "Now', current existence is loaded with invisible effects of past, pending Karmas. And only when we ACKNOWLEDGE this, can we begin to make some sense of our current physical existence.
Prior to this, I was trying so hard to forcibly lead a life that was FAR removed from my own INNER Karmic Reality. But its so unimaginably noxious, irritating to lead a masquerade, a double life AWAY/ avoiding the potency of ones underlying Karmic Design!  But today, when I write this sentence, I feel a deep sense of relief and release. I am finally doing what I was Karmically designed to be doing: addressing the underlying Karmic Designs in our lives. Be it through the practice of my Astro counselling, Consultancy, my blogs, Facebook forums, or countless inetractions with fellow humans, on their own karmic journeys. Since the journey began,  it's now almost  EVERDAY,  that I interact with people going through the the dynamics of their individual Karmic Designs. And in their interacting process, I myself gather so much MORE information, experiences, inferences, data about life's Karmic Designs. A journey of revelation, for which I am in gratitude to the Universe/ God.. whatever you wish to call Him/ Her. Cheers!