In this page I share some inspiring, insightful articles I found on the net on Karmic Unraveling, Clearing, etc! Cheers

Karmic Unraveling, Clearing etc
  1. BEST ARTICLE on.. Meditation as easiest way to Clear Karmic Debts

Karmic Debts  and the 12th house of your birthchart 
  1. The CHALLENGES and hidden GIFTS of the 12th house 
  2.  KARMIC IMPLICATIONS of Mercury in Virgo in 12th House
  3. Linda Goodman, our 80's Astro Idol, ROCKS about the 12th house
  4.  AMAZING hypnotic article on 12th house/ subconscious
  5. Some great 12th House Links by aquariusmoon
  6. Vedic Astrology: 12th house and Karmic Debts 
  7. Simple Nice streamlined article on 12th house 
  8. A philosophical viewpoint of 12th house issues 
  9. mysteries of 12th house 
  10. EPICAL article on Cosmic Dilemma of the 12th house!!
Your annual FIXED Month for Karmic DEBTS 
  1. Mesmerizing article on Sun transit thru 12 thouse 
  2. Sun's transit thru you natal 12th house
  3. Sun, Merc tranits your 12th house
  4. As sun transits your 12thhouse: Dennis harness 
  5. A time for delving into emotional oceans..  
  6. Transiting sun in 12th house; surrender to nature 
  7. Thank god, Sun thru 12th lasts One Month
Links on Karmic Deities/ Upayas/ Prayers
  1. Lord Varuna for removing Karmic sins
  2. Auroville article on Karmic aspect of Lord Varuna

Articles on Saturn Retrograde
  1. Amazing article on Retrograde dynamics!!! 
  2. the REPEAT of Saturn retrograde 
Articles on RULING Planet/ Archetypal astrology
  1. Archetypal Astrology by Richard Tarnas
  2. Archetypal Planets by Tony Gilbert
  3. Runic association : very insightful about Rune Eihwaz