What is Energy Clearing??

Preface to the blogging journey...
In the hot  Delhi summer of July 2007, my friend Manish Choudhury, while initiating some internet ventures, from his Malviya Nagar residence, jump-started both his wife and myself onto the blogging journey. Familiar with my lifelong habit of  writing daily diaries, and maintaining exhaustive journals, he decided to put me onto blogging. Since then, this medium has gradually transformed into a multi-channel, multilayered platform of  comprehensive expression for me. I have three blogs, which have been regularly posted by armies of me, shades and components of me, moods of fragments of me, that upon reading after a long time, I myself find it hard to recollect. Reading over my posts, I look at different Adim's posting different thoughts, at different intersections in life, and different positions in time. And following suit, a lot of stuff in my hand written personal journals, have been duly uploaded onto to this blogs.
What I like best about this blogging medium, is that it allows uncountable reviewing and re-editing of content matter. Whatever, you are reading NOW, ( especially in the Pages), has been invisibly revised, reviewed, reshaped, and rewritten, over hundreds and thousands of times. Each rewriting, modifying and evolving the contents of the matter, until the essence of matter emerges with recharged vitality every time. And blogging, because of it's real time fastness, affords regualr update and analogy of our current personal journey and state of mind. I offer my tribute and gratitude to my friend Manish Choudhury , for putting me onto the blogging process, and commence this particular blog out of three, to the journey of Energy Clearing.

A preamble to the journey..
In 1997, my hostel roommate, and college batch mate, "monk" Siddharth Rasaily was doing his final year thesis Architecture project, on designing of a Energy Healing Centre. Along with various cases studies, site visits, research into healing spaces and techniques, he was also practicing many rudimentary healing methods. I used to be his first patient/ audience, and soon myself became engrossed in a manual that he constantly referred to, Barbara Ann Brenan's groundbreaking book Hands Of Light. I participated in many healing sessions and experiments under Siddharth, and the revelations and influences of that period have always lingered at the back of my mind, ever since. Over the years, as a practicing Vastu consultant and Vedic astrologer, I continued to be drawn and attracted to the mysterious realms of Energy Clearing, Auras, Chakra healing, etc. And through many random interactions with clairvoyants, healers, and intuitive persons, over the years, I did have some fragmented glimpses into the world of Energy Healing. But in November 2014, courtesy of  my childhood friend Sanjit Narayan Deb, who is a fellow traveler on a spiritual journey,  I had an one hour interaction with Energy healer  Dipankar Roy Karmakar, in his residence at Bongaigaon. This one hour interaction, unfolded over the next few weeks, into a long pending unfolding into the world of Energy Clearing and Healing. And I feel, this healing journey deserves narration, and personal testimony, so that it can shed light to many other interested in the healing process of divine grace.  I offer my gratitude to the Universe for this unfolding opportunity, cheers!

What is Energy Clearing?

What is health?? Health is nothing but an state of  harmony between our personal energies and the enrgies of our environment. Disequilibrium between our personal energies, and the energies of our environment result in turbulence, turmoil, stagnation, illness, etc,etc. The process of Energy Clearing enables us to achieve a dynamic equilibrium in our energy interactions.

The role of the Guide in Energy Clearing
In the journey of Energy Clearing, an intuitive and qualified spiritual Guide is of  great importance. The Guide helps us to understand our personal energies and their interactions with our environment. In my own journey of Energy Clearing, I am very grateful for the constant guidance of Dipankar Roy Karmakar, who helped me understand the various layers of my personal energies, and their consequences on my environment. 

Cathartic experiences of turmoil and turbulence
The process of turmoil, and is an integral part of  healing journey. Because, whenever the pending Doshas i.e, the suppressed energy imbalances within ourselves is released, it is naturally experienced by outbursts of turmoil, turbulence, temporary ill health, conflicts, etc. Just imagine clearing an undergone drain pipe or sewer line, obviously a lot of suppressed filth gets surfaced. But obviously, it is because clearing is taking place.Once these Doshas, i.e, suppressed energy imbalances are released, space is created inside us to accept fresh new energies and opportunities.

Transformation of Energy
The process of Energy Clearing helps us to tranform our Dosha, i.e, suppressed, imbalanced energies. It helps us to transform our energy situation, so that we can can work on it in a manageable way. Example, let's say in Adim, 100,000 units of imbalanced, suppressed, volatile, energy is suppressed inside, waiting to explode one fine day, in an nuclear explosion of unimaginable proportions. Energy Clearing helps to transform this scary energy situation, so that this monster 100, 000 units of pending explosive energy, is transformed into  1000 outbursts of 100 units each. Which is far more desirable and manageable, then the unimaginable supernova of 100,000 units exploding one fine day! Or for that matter, even 10 outbursts of 10, 000 shocking units each.
Almost like the EMI, installment plan of any standard Bank loan..!!

In my personal experience
In my horoscope, I have a multi-layered Ketu Dosha, linked into a dormant Manglik Dosha, because of which I regularly experience alternating seasons of traumatic upheavals and ice ages of stagnation. After commencing Energy Clearing, the frequencies of turbulence increased much more, but their impacts of affectation were considerably REDUCED. Earlier, I used to experienced 1000 events, each  of 1000 volts each. And now, after Energy Clearing, has transformed into a 10,000 events of 100 volts each. I'm thankful to the process of Energy Clearing for transforming my energy situation, enabling me to work on my Doshas, i.e, suppressed imbalanced energies, in a more bearable and manageable way.

Black swan: the wisdom of volatility
One of my favourite books is Nicholas Nassim Taleb's landmark Black Swan, which explores the dynamic equilibrium of financial markets. I have found many of his concepts, perfectly descriptive of the process of Energy Clearing.
The author seems to be in favour of volatility, frequent turbulence, and short term losses, as opposed to suspiciously smooth, streamlined, uninterrupted movement, within which may lurk layers of high turbulence. He compares the political scenario of countries like Syria, or Saudi Arabia, which do not appear volatile, but have a larger risk of chaos. As opposed to countries like Italy, which has been in the state of continual political turmoil since the world war, but remain stable in the long run. He illustrates the approach of conservative bankers, who may be actually sitting on a pile of highly volatile and risky investments. And the contrasting behavior of day traders, who face daily volatility and turbulence in share markets, but are risk aware, and hence remain stable in the longer run.

The authors approach towards economics are analogous to the concepts of Energy Clearing, which favors regular outbursts of Doshas, i.e, suppressed energy imbalances. As opposed to long periods of apparent smoothness, followed by earth shattering breakdowns, and volcanic explosions. Nicholas Nassim Taleb's approach of welcoming regular turbulence in our life, is similar to Energy Clearing, where we wholeheartedly welcome regular outburts of Doshas, i.e, suppressed energy imbalances inside us.
A much better approach, as opposed to pretending they don't exist, and continuing with our apparently smooth existence, followed by unimaginable and unmanageable volcanic outbursts!! 

The Extraordinary opportunities of Ordinary Life
My energy guide Dipankar prefers the process of Energy Clearing, taking place amidst our normal, ordinary lives, as opposed to an isolated, and insulated ashram. Because, our normal irritating situations of ordinary life, provides the biggest windows of opportunity for accelerated Energy Clearing...
The normal circumstances of ordinary life, provide the best environment for a frequent release of  Doshas, i.e, suppressed energy imbalances. In ordinary life, these suppressed energy imbalances have the opportunity to be transformed into various, challenging everyday situations. Someone may irritate you, someone may upset you, someone may mistreat you, someone may disrespect you, you may experience a cash crunch, illness, disappointment, etc. This is merely, the monstrous explosive energy of your 100, 000 units of Doshas, i.e, suppressed energy imbalances, getting released in frequent outbursts. 
Rather than experiencing them in one singular monstrous volcanic outburst, we are now experiencing them in numerously frequent but much smaller outbreaks. Where, at least we can manage to cope with them, and deal with them. Thus, our irritating, brain frying, disappointing situations of ordinary life provide a Extraordinary window of opportunity for accelerated Energy Clearing...
Cheers to the invisible Extra-ordinariness of our... Ordinary Lives...!!