Saturday, June 1, 2013

Saturn Retro 2013, 66- Falling Backwards

1st Jun, Saturday, 2013. FROM Today begin s the 3 week period of Ultra Retro phase of Saturn Retrograde. Where the Force and  acuteness of Saturn Retro boosts to 175% of Max Saturn Retro! The volcanic sting in the tail phase.  For me, the past 1 month period of so called Falling/ Reducing Retro, i.e, the month of May was severely marred by catastrophic events galore. Wherein I was looking forward to relief, etc, because of the prevailing 7 planet opposition DIRECTLY in the sign of Libra- Aries, where Saturn Retrograde was directly occurring. Bringing the most horrifying events to the fore. 

NOW, that ULTRA RETRO has officialy commenced, I want to, I would like to, UTILISE the massive RETROGRADE force of this phase and address LONG PENDING CORE ISSUES. Repetitively.
Since quite some days now, I had been poring over my journals from 2003, 2004, 2005. My marriage happened on 27th November, 2005, and I made the great shift from Guwahati  to Delhi, purely during Saturn Retro 2005. In fact, one of the MAJOR events of life, namely marriage happened during Saturn Retrograde itself. Now wonder then, that Seven Years down the line, I personally haven’t been able to  take things further, into the next level. In fact, I’ve moved severely backwards, regressed severely, these past Seven Years!!
In my journals of 2004, 2005, I was surprised to find that I had been considerably looking forward to my pending shift from Guwahati to Delhi. It feels unimaginable now that Guwahati Delhi shift was perceived move forward. And maybe, COULD have been so! BUT, Alas, the shift, the giant leap forward, the EXODUS  happened DURING Saturn Retro 2005- 06. When the Saturnine bow was  being pulled back. And ever since, I have always kept on falling back, regressing, retrograding into my hometown.  It was an exodus, “giant leap forward” that never happened! And I’ve been stuck in a RETRO-active/ regressive loop ever since!

The past one month of Falling Retro, wherein I’ve come back to my hometown visit, because of some legal obligations, has definitely seen an  EBBING from the normal contemplation, retrospection, prevailing during the past two and half months of Rising Retro.  Hardly any retrospective, reflective, RETROACTIVE posts. Today, since Ultra Retro has commenced, I am posting again, “coincidentally” on the dot. About my failed “giant leap forward” of shifting from Guwahati  to Delhi DURING Saturn Retro 2005. And have been falling backwards ever since.  And this time, being in my hometown itself during Saturn Retrograde, I have been able to recapitulate, rewind, the layers of emotions which served as a priori before my “giant leap forward”,  the  utterly failed project of exodus to Delhi.
My experiences and actions don’t seem to make any sense, except when you  put the Saturn Retrograde equation in place. THEN, everything makes perfect sense, the perfect fallout of the Saturn Retrograde phenomenon. A time to fall backwards, regress, move back, return, regress was erroneously used to move forwards. Hence the catastrophic, demonic, regressive fallout, ever since! Till all infinity and eternity!!

..unless, somehow counteracted it with an equivalent and opposite correction…

otherwise.. round and round i go.. forever.....