Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Log 12: Illness due to extreme eating

Last few days, I had been down with acute indigestion, and resultant gas, breathlessness, congestion, an ever repeating routine since childhood. But a pattern which has increasingly shown me that it is but a process/ medium for my own Karmic Cleansing, and evolution. I had been accompanying my wife, the entire past week, at her site finishing, wrap up, at Krispy Kreme store at Select Citywalk Mall, Saket. And late night, moved across the road to indulge in my favorite kebab stall at Hauz Rani village, right across the mall. My argument was that I wanted some real Mardo Wali Khana ( He Man Food), as opposed to the food offered at the Mall. Then in the Over Machismo of my gait, overate too many Kebabas, which were hastily almost half cooked over charcoal, due to the long queue,  and Icould feel a familiar sense of indigestion creep up, shortly after. By the time I returned, I felt that I had overdone it. Next two days was over hectic, as wife finished her work at the Mall, and it opened to great crowds, and I too was caught up in some music composition for a corporate film. Ultimately, the undigested food, late nights, sleeplessness, super hectic tension, culminated in a total system crash down, finally on Sunday!

From Sunday night, the now long forgotten phenomenon, of indigestion, breathlessness, horror, resurrected full bloom. Later, I was browsing through an issue of "Osho Times" handed from a friend, and my eyes fell on an article " Eat Totally, Stop at The Right Time"! It fell like a slap on my face! What could have been an artcile on food, which I would have grossly ignored, was now staring at my face in full bloom. Zapped, in my indigestion and breathlessness, I began to read over it in detail. Some excerpts:
"The body never goes into extremes, the mind goes to extremes. When there is no mind, there is no extreme". True! It was my so called, "Real Mardo Wali Khana/ He Man/ Man of the soil" attitude, which made me grossly overeat at the Kebab Stall, and body crashdown!I could have a normal bite, but no, I had to go over the edge, to prove my Son of the Earth, machismo! As, Aldous Huxley correctly said "Road to excess leads to wisdom". And this article in Osho times was exactly pointing out the exact thing: That, we SHOULD do things in our own natural, balanced, moderate pace, and NOT OVERDO things!! 
Most of the times, we screw up because of our own extreme attitude... a lesson I had to learn from eating excess..!! ;)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Jupiter 02: Removing of the invisble Veil

Negative planets in our birth-chart indicate Karmic Debts, which overrules all positive potentials. I was repeatedly suggested remedies for debilitated Jupiter by astrologers Upadhyay, Hitesh Deka, Visti Larsen, Malabya Deka, & others. But only on insistence of my aunt Bula Khuri (Bobita Phukan), & through advice of Late astrologer Biren Bora of Jorhat, I began my remedies, from May 2013. Herein I explore effects of this karmic cleansing...

I have been meaning to write extensively on the results of  therapies for debilitated Jupiter, but there has been way too much activity in these past few months. Strangely, my previous existence prior to Jupiter therapies was SO IDYLLIC for years and endless years!! But suddenly, diverse activities have seem to become the order of the day! Though I am not judging, my previous existence, prior to Jupiter therapies, was very much laden in theories, contemplation, and retrospection. But suddenly, all these theoretical aspects slowly began transforming into practical realities, concrete  preoccupation. All this while, some strange, unsaid barrier seemed to have separated me from the lifeblood of human, mortal existence! Post Jupiter therapies, this virtual barrier seems to have been considerably removed. The resilient yet invisible veil, which had for so long, kept me Far And Away from Vital preoccupations of the mortal experience, seems to have considerably withdrawn!

Suddenly, I found myself performing in Kaffeine at Hauz khas village, after a long Hiatus in music. Somehow I had been so hesitant to play, but after a few swigs of Miller Lite, there I was. knocking relentlessly on the ebony and the ivory, and even crooning few ad lib numbers for the evening! Trust me, its FAR better to actually perform than to think endlessly and THEORIZING about performances! Its a relief actually! Also, on facebook, I found some highly cereberal people in two groups: the Gilles Deleuze group and the Fraternitas Saturni, both filled with substantial, cereberal, deep, insightful people who began giving some invaluable feedback to my astrological observations and post modern idealizations! Enriching my own research endeavor! Cheers to That!

I wrap up with my eternal gratitude to all named and unnamed guides, with special mention to my aunt Bula Khuri, for helping me discover the impact of negative planets on our lives..

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Kalsarp With Rahu Sun Saturn: 17 Oct- 16 Nov

Previously, I had written in detail in my Serpentine blog, about the prevailing Kalsarp Yog from 28 Apr to 2nd Oct, 2013. But I had completely overlooked the final and most acute  phase in this Kalsarp Yoga. The final conclusion, the Grand Chorus, to this six month long Kalsarp Yog saga! Namely, Rahu, Sun, Saturn conjunction as the final Dhamaka/ Punch of  this Kalsarp season: from  17 Oct- 16 Nov!

And as usual, I always find out Crucial transits, at the Fag End, Tail end of it!! Always a super, delayed tubelight! I should have noticed the ominous sign, as on 18th Oct, on the very second day, of this transit, my mother in laws bag was snatched while we were traveling in auto rickshaw from the train station to the hotel, as we landed in Amritsar, to visit the Golden Temple. But as I go, I do find out stuff, but somewhat, way too late! This  one month period finds the Sun entering Libra and combusting the already critical Saturn Rahu combination of Kalsarp Yog! So it's Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Rahu, exploding, burning together in Libra, the most debilitated sign for the Sun! What an overall, all around, explosive combination.

And its characteristic of the six month long Kalsarp Yog to go out with a stormy bang, even though technically Venus exits Kalsarp on 2nd Oct, itself. And yes, from that day itself I found some great movements, but, I had completely overlooked the grand stormy chorus of this phase namely Sun itself entering Libra and combusting the Rahu Saturn combination. Creating a grand Chaos of high scales. Read it as upheaval, revolution, chaos, upsurge. And a very hybrid mixture: as the struggle, strife filled, contradictory combination of Sun + Saturn + Rahu will pull issues and things in all directions! Don't complain if your "head feels like bursting into a million pieces" (just like my friend Pratisha wrote on facebook). And THIS combination is BAD overally! Be you ruled by Sun, or Saturn, light or darkness!

In fact every year, when the Sun transits the sign where Saturn is located, it represents a conflict between the Irresistible Force (Sun) and the Immovable Object (Saturn)  ! But this year Sun is transiting the house where BOTH Saturn and Rahu are located together, it represents a cataclysmic conflict, an acute and unusually Karmic churning period! in form of Kalsarp Yog.

Live Update, 7th Nov: Sun Saturn Conjunction
The exact dates for Sun to conjunct Saturn was yesterday, 6th Nov, around 3pm at 20' 30" in Libra! So the full force, impact of this phase was centered around November: 4th Mon, 5th Tues, 6th Wed, and finally today 7th Thursday!! Where 6th Wed and 7th Thursday was the CENTRAL impact point of this. I could actually feel, witness, experience this impact as the people we were supposed to deliver our product got their Studio burnt down around this EXACT period! And some major catastrophes all around. As I write this, 6:30 pm, 7th Nov, Thursday evening, I can somewhat feel the confrontation/ impact of this phase passing over! But the impact/ explosion has been technically and Karmically  building up since LONG as Sun approached Saturn, finaly to impact, combust, and finally cross over it! I personally saw A LOT OCCUR since Monday, 4th Nov itself. But it was long pending Karmic Build up which got released today!! In the classic style of Sun Saturn cataclysmic combustion. So precisely.. to the day and date!!
For those of us in Faculty High, or CBSE, we had this lesson "In Celebration of Being Alive" by E.R. Braithwaite, where the author concludes: "We DO not become better because we are suffering, but, we become better, because we HAVE suffered..". I totally agree, as I rather mostly learn from difficult situations, circumstances on HIND sight! in Retrospect perspective. And I HAVE learnt/ earnt a Lot from the COMBUSTION/ horror of the past few days! At least, i feel a lot LIGHTER cos' I went through such a gruelling Karmic expurgation phase! what I want to say is... Hai Ramma!!!
UTILITY of such Karmic phases: to clear Karmic Junk!!
In this blog Karmic Logs you often see me write in detail about various Karmic phases, which are usually percieved as negative phases. BUT what most people overlook is that such Karmic phases are Windows of Opportunity for us to clear our own pending karmas. the metaphysical meta-dynamics of such Planetary phases are GREAT OPPORTUNITIES to remove our Pending negative elements and MAKE ROOM for fresh new energy or fresh Prana, or fresh Chi to FLOW INTO our lives!! Usually, we are so full of SHIT.. oops read that as Pending negative Karma, or Pending negative issues, that we FAIL TO MAKE ROOM for fresh new energies/ and opportunities to flow into our lives! Everybody keeps on harping about  Positivity and all that BUT first we MUST make room in our OWN Lives, by clearing Karmic Junk, and making SPACE for new energy to flow in!!

8th Nov: Contradiction/ Conflict= Karmic Cleaning
Yesternight, I had an outburst to a Long Pending/ Brewing conflict with a childhood friend. He has Sun + Sat + Ketu in his Natal chart, a very unholy combination. So he must have suddenly drawn a LOT of energy from this  passing transit, the current unholy/ contradictory/ conflicting combination of Sun + Saturn + Rahu in Libra. Yesternight, I could feel the CENTRAL impact of this horrific transit. Emotional betrayal, turbulence, heart burn, heart ache, as long churning bitter venom was suddenly, but not unexpectedly spewed in my face! I could physically experience the unholy combination of Sun + Sat + Rahu in Libra, my ascendant sign, ruling over my Self/ Ego/ Identity. This childhood best friend had been part and parcel of my identity/ identification, But after yesternights Venomous interaction, NO LONGER!
Later, shaken and stirred by this Long Pending horrific confrontation, I changed the name/ title  of this Blog from Karmic Logs to  Karmic Cleaning, because that's what this current transit has shaped my focus UPON: Contradiction/ Conflict= Karmic Cleansing!! That's WHY we go through negative planetary phase, to help us Clean Up  Our own Pending Negative Karma!! Negative Planetary Transits are Natures IDEAL time for Removal/ Subtraction of Pending Negative Energy!!
Right now, I definitely feel very bad/ sad/ drained (obviously, with Sun + saturn + Rahu, in Libra, my very ascendant sign) but i KNOW that once this Unholy combination ends, with Sun moving out of Libra, 8 days later, I can breathe a bit more easier, after having such LONG Pending horrendous negative energy/ horrendous internal conflict having been Removed from my Life!! 
Likein our  CBSE, english textbook lesson "In Celebration of Being Alive" by E.R. Braithwaite, where the author concludes: "We DO not become better because we are suffering, but, we become better, because we HAVE suffered..". I would rephrase.. "because we HAVE Been Cleansed"!! Amen to that!

13th Nov: Filtering Process
These past five days I was defintely participating in a LOT of Karmic cleansing  and untangling process. Wherein I helped others, much outside the domains of my professional scope, to help them untangle, sort out, clear out their minds and clear up Karmic Junk. As the Sun gradually moved away from Saturn at 20 degrees Libra, slowly the combustion, heartburn, of the nefarious Sun-Saturn conjunction reduced. and in this very reduction is the passage of relief, Karmic release. I am so glad that I could participate in Karmic resolution of so many others. BECAUSE from the Karmic perspective as we sow for OTHERS, we finally reap OURSELVES! In the words of Richard Bach in Illusions : Every problem has a Gift for the seeker. we seek problems because we need their Gifts!! I am grateful to Ma Tara, Lord Vishnu, to help me understand the utility and Cleansing POWER of such difficult Karmic planetary Transits! These phases give us SO much opportunity to Remove/ subtract our Long Pending Karmic Debts, karmic Toxins. I'm gals that even though I had some relief and release, I was NOT cavorting around, and spontaneously and naturally occupied Karmic dis-entanglements, Karmic cleansing process in this tough planetary transit of Sun + Saturn + Rahu in Libra of past one month, 17th Oct - 16th Nov.
Another thing, I would like to be grateful about is that by the live narration of my own tough emotional experience I was able to guide two three of my close friends through a similar transit that they were undergoing thru. Common human sharing helps us understand THAT it's NOT happening to us Alone! And that can make so much difference!I am thankful for the feedback, ineteraction of members of my Facebook group: Adims Astro Zoo, for their feedback that made it a Live Karmic dynamic interactive, process!!

6: 38 pm, evening, 13th Nov: DEAD CALM: Today the  entire day was  a massive slump. A contrasting stretch from the dramatic, melodramatic, rise and fall, swell and ebb of the this over dramati cprevailing  transit. Feels so strange to experience this faltliner all of a sudden. For once,  a relatively calm period almost feels tinged with unease and dread. Like the Nicole Kidman, Billy Zane chiller movie, Dead Calm. There definitely IS some signs of relief, BUT, not complete relief, as 3 more days yet to go for Sun to leave it's month long transit in Libra. Many people today in boxed me in facebook today about their personal conflicts. I used the slump of the moment, UTILISED the uneasy Dead Calm of this period, to respond with great depth about their inetrnal issues, dillemmas, opinion. This current sense of Calmness is a gnawing feeling like a description in one of Edgar Allan Poe's stories. Laced, and tinged with dread and Unease. The perfect astrological consequence of -HOT/ burning Sun + cool/ dark Saturn + and moist/ cloudy mysterious Rahu!!:P

16th Nov, Saturday: wrap up
I feel quite tired after a long day to be writing this last update to this post. And definitely, a sense of winding up, and relief, release.Especially towards the end of this phase, the conflicts, and confusions amplified to an acute degree! I'm glad I use thie Karmic Phase properly. To purge pending, latent Karma. AND guiding as many people as possible. In the FINAL CLIMAX, today I helped friend Susmit remove his long pending facial cyst thru surgery at a local hospital. I had to watch up close, the blood, mess, gore, blood spurting like geysers, of his procedure on his cheek, and was waying with head spinning. The lady doc, and nurse told me to sit down. Lest i faint from the overload. What an embarrasment. But after a while I regained my composure and helped Susmit crawl through the procedure! LaterI had  to suddenly visit Gurgaon for some auspicious work. And back home, a long pending cheque, was there when I reached home. Thanks Lord Vishnu for the end of this horrific phase. RIGHT on the dot! Cheers and blessings to everyone!!
Breathe Again- Toni Braxton 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Annual Karmic Month: Sun Transiting your 12th house

In Vedic karmic viewpoint, every year, despite many other varying transits of planets,1 month is fixed for Karmic Debts. The month when Sun transits thru the 12th sign/ house of your horoscope, I've already dedicated a segment to this in my Karmic Links Page header above. Below I've listed the Karmic Month for different ascendant signs:

Aries Ascendant: mid of March to mid of April: as Sun transits Pisces, your 12th Sign
 Taurus Ascendant: mid of April to mid of May: as Sun transits Aries, your 12th Sign
 Gemini Ascendant: mid of May to mid of June: as Sun transits Taurus, your 12th Sign
 Cancer Ascendant: mid of June to mid of July: as Sun transits Gemini, your 12th Sign
 Leo Ascendant: mid of July to mid of August: as Sun transits Cancer, your 12th Sign
 Virgo Ascendant: mid August to mid September: as Sun transits Leo, your 12th Sign
 Libra Ascendant: mid  September to mid October: as Sun transits Virgo, your 12th Sign
 Scorpio Ascendant: mid October to mid November: as Sun transits Libra, your 12th Sign
 Sagittarius Ascendant: mid November to mid December: as Sun transits Scorpio, your 12th Sign
Capricorn Ascendant: mid December to mid of January: as Sun transits Sagittarius, your 12th Sign
Aquarius Ascendant: mid January to mid February: as Sun transits Capricorn, your 12th Sign
Pisces Ascendant: mid February to mid March: as Sun transits Aquarius, your 12th Sign

This Karmic month is MORE pronounced IF some planets are already sitting in the 12th house of your horoscope (your natal/ birth chart). And MUCH MORE pronounced IF the Sun itself is sitting in the 12th house of your horoscope (your natal/ birth chart). For me, since I have FOUR planets sitting in the 12th house of my horoscope (Sun, Merc, Uranus, Pluto) this Karmic month is very pronounced. And MUCH MORE since, Sun ITSELF is sitting in 12th house of Virgo. Hence making this period of middle of September to middle of October, very Karmic!
And also since the Entire cycle of Preta Paksha and Devi Paksha sometimes falls during this period (mid of Sept- mid of Oct), like this current year 2013, this period becomes ultra karmic for people like me, or those having my similar birthchart. Check the links in my Karmic Links, header above or this mesmerizing link:  Mesmerizing Post on 12th house/ karma etc
Some personal subjective updates below

7th Oct, Monday
The first half of the Sun's transit across Virgo, my 12th house, of Karmic Debts, coincided WITH Petra Paksha + Kalsarp Yoga ( as narrated in detail in the previous post). As the Sun entered 0 degrees Virgo, on 17th Sept, (my birthday itself) and travelled to Maximmum strength of 11- 19 degrees  (28th Sept- 7th Oct, today!), I began feeling Increasingly HEAVIER/ Stagnated/ Cloudy/ Murkier/ Zombified/ Calcified. Today, 7th Oct, as Sun entered 20th degree, Virgo, the 3rd trimester, I could feel the stranglehold of this Solar/ Karmic vicegrip considerably reducing. Sponatneously, as a knee jerk reflex,  I updated an offer of Free Karmic Readings uptil 17th Oct, on my Facebook Adims Astro Group. And four of my friends consulted me. Three over telephone, as they are from hometown Guwahati, but one being in Malviya Nagar, Delhi, came over. It was considerably HECTIC, but Karmically significant. My having been able to do this, FOR, I felt instantly Lighter, more relaxed. One does feel this once one responds to Karmic Clearance. was in an extraordinary Karmic disposition. As i always repeat myself over an over again, I NEVER find out about Transits Before/ A-Head/ Anticipation BUT always find out about important Transits in Tail/ Retrospection/ Hindsight! This is obvious due to the Saturnine/ Rahu delay associated with my birth chart!! And hence I'm better disposition in astrology in regards to in Karmic pasts, regressions, Long PENDING Debts, etc.

8th Oct, Tuesday: 
OUR LIVE Testimonies/ OUR Living Stories
I think, one reason why I moved into these esoteric, astrological domains because it fit the universes designs to do so. To have a voice of testimony regarding narrations of  actual physical experiences of prevailing astrological transits. Like my favourite thinker Jean Baudrillard says; "the photographer is just the means/ device for nature to record herself". I strongly feel that astrological components, planets have their own Living life force/ Egos. And THROUGH US, OUR TESTIMONIES, they express themselves. We are the subjective receptacle for recording such experiences of transits.
In this current case, I'm a subjective observer of the month long transit of the Sun's through the 12th house of Karmic Debts. I have already linked this article twice in my header "Karmic Links" but once more, link it here: Mesemerizing article of 12th House/ transit, and yes do testify that astrological nrrations are living nythos, living stories to be enacted/ re-enacted by us In Our Lives! WE, OUR LIVES are WHERE, ALL MYTHOS Comes Alive!!
A Haunting Ghostly Month
Yes since Sun transiting my 12th house Virgo is further Karmically LOADED as four planets: Sun, Mercury, Uranus, Pluto are sitting in my 12th house. So if I am psychically attuned, this period is where my Pending Nightmares come Alive. From the depths of Latent/ Pending Subconscious Karmic Layers TO be Manifested in The Conscious Physical Realm. Yup, this is when my Pending nightmares come alive ON Schedule. If only to be finally Purged from the system.  IRONIC is, that I had outlined the prior concurrent universal Pitra/ Preta Paksh/ Sraddh as the universal period/ window for spiritual manifestation.
The Ego/ Will/ Force of Planets/ transits:
But the EGO/ WILL/ Conscious energy of the planets made it all easy for me, landing the right web articles at the right time, synchronised events around, MAKE me Understand THAT, the Month that the Sun, ( the ruler of ALL That is Visible) transiting through the 12th House of Karmic Debts, is the UNIQUE Karmic Debts month of the subject.
Curses and Hidden Gifts
But as you have read in the earlier link, the purgative, scheduled, process of this Transit can also have great gifts for the subject. Check out this wonderful article I found "coincidentally" by medicine garden that states that Overloaded Karmic Planets in 12th house, when handled properly, CAN YIELD GIFTS FOR THE SUBJECT! Click Link: Hidden underlying Gifts of the-12th-house.  With the Past Life problem comes the scope of Resolution AND Revelation!
My experiences today, 8th Oct
Firstly,  I had sent a traditional shaman to a close friends place at hometown Guwahati, who had reported some paranormal activity around their home, and dint know whom to turn to.  Later, i was aghast to learn fro her, that the shaman, to show of his talenst and achievemenst had resorted to maligning many of his former clients, some of my close people, indiscrimnately. Though highly unnerved, i realised that the direct contact between such shamanic people and clients creates jeopardy. As long as I was the conductor of affairs between them, things reamined formal, serious, traditional, controlled. And all the magical functions are well executed. But, in my absence, left to themselves, people become greedy, shamans become  ambitious, and there begins a wholesale abuse of the miraculous gifts and supernatural powers of the universe. Ultimately, because of EGO, GREED, VANITY, etc, people DO end up creating a LOT of negative karma for themselves. Not everyone deserved real or power, enlightenment, or healing. LAW of Karma decided that!! Thats WHY nature hides her MANY mysteries! Revealing only to THOSE who can HANDLE it. Who are of a sufficiently evolved karmic level. A Lesson that I learnt well Today!
Later, I was caught in heavy traffic, Chandni Chowk, accompanying someone for some electrical purchase at the crowded electrical market, Bhagirath Palace. Horrifying traffic, we were caught in a jam. we could have taken the metro, BUT, no, our fried brains made us take the car. But at the end of the ordeal, I hastily rushed to a nearby shop and procured Mars, Hanuman, Sun Yantras of liberal size for someone close to me, going thru a Sun, Mars problems. I plunged deep into the horrific muck, but also re-emerged with some important crucial pearls!
 Later, as I crawled to the weekly Mangalbar market at Seikh Sarai, where individual farmers come with their fresh produce after a long time. I found some alphabet books, which would be ideal to teach our new office boy. Some window of opportunity to create some good karma.

12th Oct, Saturday
This annual Vedic month, when Sun transits thru Virgo/ Kanya. The ruler of sign Virgo/ Kanya is Goddess Durga, and usually/ often, Durga Puja/ Devi Paksha/ Navartra falls in this fixed Solar period (dependent of the Lunar Tithi/ cycles). So for me, the two great annual landmarks of Birthday, and Durga Puja falls DURING my Annual Karmic Month. So I try keep it slightly low key, during this period. Overall, a lot of us can feel the distinct shakti/ electricity/ buzz in the air around this time. A kind of distinct tingling sensation. After observation, experience of over past 10 years, I've found that, a balanced, neutral approach helps me flow through the HIGH electricity/ Buzz of this period.  I try not to Go overboard as the energy of this period naturally commands. And for me, the same approach of Pitra Paksha, of paying tribute to pending, past issues, is seen best continued even through Devi Paksha. Especially WHEN it coincides with the transit of the Sun across Virgo, my sweet 12th house. Since this year, the latter half of Sun's transit through Virgo, from 17th degree to 29th degree HAS coincided with the entire Devi Paksha (5th oct- 17th oct), I AM having to put on extra brakes on my shoes!
CROSS FADE Between Sun and the Moon: On one hand, we have the diminishing fade out, of the Sun's transit across Virgo, from the middle, 17 degrees to its end 29th degrees, from 5th Oct- 17th Oct! On the other hand, the increase, fade in of Rajasic Shakti  of Devi Paksh from Pratipada, 5th Oct - to Purnima, 17th Oct. That leaves, subjects like me, with mixed bag of planets in a strange zone of suspended animation from 5th Oct- 17th Oct! And wherein, meditation is of great value in this period.

Completing Garuda Purana, 12th Oct, evening, Maha-Ashtami, Saturday
I first heard specific importance/ mention of Garuda Purana from my friend Lueit while discussing a particular occult/ Karmic topic. Later, as I mentioned in earlier post on Pitra Paksh, that reading Garuda Purana was specifically mentioned as part of the rituals of that Karmic phase. However, even though I began reading it after downloading it from this link: Download the GarudaPurana.pdf, I could not complete it entirely during the specified Pitra Paksh. No, the language of translated version is exceedingly simple and clear. But the content was SO heavy. To absorb it at one go was so difficult. Finally, as I wrote earlier, i re-discovered that my Karmic Phase extended throughout the entire MONTH of Sun' transit across Virgo, my 12th house. So, reading the Garuda Purana, document continued. At it's own intrinsic, self-CHOSEN, slow simmering phase. Finally today, it CHOSE to be completed. This Durga Maha Ashtami, Saturday evening, 2013! Wife had some major pending work today, so yesternight had gone almost sleepless. Today morning was chaos, as she set forth. Later whole day, i attended to other matters which found me home bound. And at one stretch, found me fleeting between facebook and completing Garuda Purana. And I feel, at conclusion, that regarding matters of suitable procedures and rituals for ME, during Devi Paksh, Durga Navartra, which had vexed me since 2003 itself, I found finally resolved. Sun in Virgo/ Mercury in Virgo denotes Vishnu from certain astrological viewpoints. Also my 9th lord, Mercury (sign: Gemini) sitting in my 12th house (sign: Virgo), ruled by Mercury, throws light on Lord Vishnu as my Isht Dev! For me, my re-solution, relief, evolution, lay in contemplation and prayers of  Lord Vishnu. And so spake Garuda, on this Durga Maha Ashtami, Saturday evening. Cheers to THAT!!

14th Oct, Monday
Morning feels a strange but welcome relief to somewhat normal energy levels after the Thundering/ Shakti phase of Durga Navaratra. The enrgy of the past few days, in retrospect, were so spiking. It's a strange situation, which finds me even unable to regale the blurry, events of the past two days. Everything went by in a great stormy blur, COINICIDENT with Hurricane Phailin which hit coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh, Orissa.
Saturday, 12th Oct evening: our Landlord Sunil Kumar helped us to make an nick of  time online payment for wife's official domain name, which was expiring @ midnight! Talk about last minute dramas. But somehow because of Sunil's help and another neighbour, got accoplished. Later we prayed chanted Daimuku with our landlord Sunil Kumar, for the hurricane affected poor people. I only join HIM for chanting, and for special and specific Causes.
Sunday, 13th Oct evening: went by in a blur of motion. Wife's friend/ colleague came down morning, and we prepared special "poha" for her. Later, friend Gutlu came down with his mum. First time, we had a social visit in life, On Durga Puja. felt like home. Later I went with Gutlu and Mum to Durga Puja Festival at C.R. Park. An unlimited ocean of crowd was already there everywhere, in that Sunday afternoon. Somehow, we managed to park our car @ market no.2, and visited the vast Puja Pandal adjacent.  We had Khichidi/ Bhog, which always tastes over divine even though prepared for SO, SO, many people. Later evening I, wifey, Sunil, his friends Mina, Rajieev and their daughter Mimansa went to Durga Puja Pnadal adjoining the Gurdwara. We had food and all, there, the roaring crowds, Ram leela, burning of the tall effigy of Ravana, fiecrackers, et all. After having spent past THIRT YEARS in G.K. II, masjid Moth, our landlord Sunil had never once walked down to Durga Puja Sthal. I managed to break a THIRTY year Record! Later we reached home, were chatting till late night, I was cracking a lot of jokes, making everyone laugh. Spreading some great laughter & cheers in this Karmic period. Much later, Gutlu came with his friend, and we both made her laugh, performed jokes for the roadside, for her entertainment till late night.
Today, 14th Oct, Monday:  somewhat trickle of release from energy levels that build way up from 17th Sept, when Sun entered Virgo, my 12th house, house of Karmic Debts. Firstly, my gratitude to Lord Vishnu, for enabling me this online platform for online journal, dairy. Where everything is getting noted in Real Time, as I experience them. As I write these sentences, in the emptiness of our office, (today is Dussera, no one's there ), my body's slowly stretching backwards, sideways, to release all that pent up stress. I'm yawning, stretching my jaws, rubbing my face, in the welcome silence/ relief of the office room. From ALL that hullabaloo of this passing electric phase! Yawn!
It actually feels like after  the passing of a great storm! When we slowly start crawling back into humdrum, normalcy!

15th Oct, Tuesday: I HATE repeating myself, but its ALWAYS at the Fag end of significant transits that I find out the JUICE about them! In the past few days, what I took to be a personal Karmic period of Karmic Debts/ Drainage has revealed itself to be a PUBLIC overall period of Burnout/ Combustion for a lot of People all about! Personal becomes Politicial. Small becomes Big! And now for some explanations about this Super Nuclear Phase: 11th Oct- 18th Oct..

Annual Devi Paksha: 
Every Year, the 14 days of Devi Paksha, the fourteen days moon's waxing period, Sukla Paksh representing Shakti/ Devi follows right after 14 days of Pitra Paksh/ Sraddh. The first NINE days of Devi Paksh are traditionally celebrated as Navaratra in North India and Durga Puja in East India. Representing the Cosmic battle and subsequent Triumph of Light/ Shakti/ Durga over Darkness/ Inertia/ Mahish- asura. The Lioness vehicle of Durga represents Rajas/ Shakti/ Thunder, and Buffalo/ Mahish incarnation of Asura represents Tamas/ Inertia. This nine days of Navaratra finally concludes on the tenth day, Bijaya Dashami, which is followed by immersion of the idol in the river. What is the symbolism of this immersion? A good analogy is seen in Spider Man II, where the Power Core of Dr. Octopus was finally submerged in the sea, after it went Nuclear! This immersion represents the Shakti incarantion of power returning to the symbolic cosmic ocean of Lord Vishnu, representing neutrality, coolness, tranquility, after war/ cosmic conflict. A necessary return to humdrum neutrality. Hence after 10th Day, Bijoya Dashami, Dusshera,  things are supposed to RETURN to Normal.
Even though, the actual/ underlying rise of Shakti energies are congruent with waxing Devi Sukla Paksh moon. Which begins from Pratipada and reaches it zenith on Full moon/ Purnima. But traditionally,  the celebrations end on the 10th day, Bijoya Dashami. Because the high adrenalin, hormonal surge activated by the Shakti energies, beyond the 10th day is of too high magnitude, for normal mortals. Hence, even Durga puja Pandal, public celebrations are celebrated from Sasthi (6th day) to Dashami (10th day). Because over and above it would be TOO MUCH of Shakti and can results in total Combustion/ Burnout in the normal human. Just observe the usual behavious, mass hysteria of people during these phase! But all secret adepts, sadhakas, Tantrics, occult practitioners imbibing Devi/ Rajasic Shakti  make full use of the entire 14 days of Devi Sukla Paksh, for entire year around recharge!! 

THIS YEAR, 2013: 
This year, the Devi Sukla Paksha , was from 5th Oct- 18th Oct. Devi's arrival was in Dola (Palanquin), which is already significant of way too much  Shakti/ Rajas energies.  Hence the scheduled Hurricane Phailin in Odissa on Maha Ashtami, and many unexpected electrical failures all around  with many of my friends. This time, I could notice the OVER high adrenalin, hormonal surge of people all around. Be it live or on numerous social media, facebook updates. This time, the Shakti energies ARE on overdrive! It's few notches ABOVE what we could normally handle! And this over-high Shakti energies will CONTINUE to bloom, well beyond the usual simmering down of Dashami, the 10th day, and CONTINUE to increase upto the 14th day, Purnima/ Full moon of 18th Oct, Friday! Making this period from 11th Oct, Saptami till 18th Oct, Purnima, a fully official  Nuclear Shakti Overdrive!! Expect stress on the RIGHt Side of your body, ruled by the Sun. Try, as much practically possible, to chill down! 
Two people close to me is going thru pain in right knee, in my wife's office, Sugandha right eye STYE. And to imagine, that they are all Rajasic/ shakti people, and THEY are getting fried! So, what about Saturnine/ Rahu people like us?? Crawl under a rock and hide??? Well, another 4 days to go! 

15th Oct, Tuesday, 1:22 pm, after / updating the previous paragraph, where I've described in detail about this current prevailing super - stormy, nuclear phase, I am again UPDATING post. Because it feels INCOMPLETE without venting out my personal, visceral, ooze. My physical, subjective experiences, narrative, as opposed to that of a detached astro scholar/ researcher approach. A sort of  undercover astro journalist reporting from inside of the storm center, if you please! By the way, this is HOW a blog is actually supposed to be! On the risk of  repeating myself, I want to say it again..   for me writing has ALWAYS been Purgative, REDEMPTIVE! And absolutely NOT Creative as many people intellectually associate writing to be. Mercury combusted by Sun, in my 12th house of Karmic debts, in Virgo, places my writing skills in a very highly purgative, excretive, and redemptive function. I write, so that I can breathe easy. I write, I exgest, so that I can continue withe business of living. I write to reduce my pending Karma.I write so that i don't feel the desire/ need to speak too much. I feel relieved, re-solved after writing! Like a load lifted from my burgeoning, teetering shoulders!
Dunno, past life, I definitely must have signed a contract with Lord Chitragupta, about churning out subjective, personal testimonies about Astro transits, and stuff like that. And especially, from the previous tradition of endless, scrawly handwritten journals, to this blog format, the format of my facebook groups, message threads! Hence, when I write online, where it's all accesible to whoever has been destined/ meant to read this, it's like I'm performing a definitive function and NOT writing for myself! A non remunerative engagement, pro bono, secret appointment  by lord Chitragupta, as an obscure astro journalist, obscure astro scribe. There's NOT much gyaan/ advice in my online writings. But rather, personal, visceral, subjective, serpentine, narratives,  internal metadynamics/ insights of prevailing astrological transits. Maybe to ignite and awaken the lurking third eye within you, gentle reader! Yup, that often happens! With all/ most, or almost all, that I interact with in the occult manner, I become more of an technical assistant, helping htem Unravel their highly potent occult sides! Yup, no Guru-ism with me, I am more of a super technical, intellectual service provider/ counselor! Many of those around me, so called, "normal people" are official mutants! I become mutant manager, trainer with them. Providing the facility, and the training for their mutant blossomings. But often, on that account, always the brides maid, never the bride kind of deal. but i'm not complaining! I often wish, writing was a creative, remunerative activity with me, but nope the 12th house position would never allow it! But definitely it's a mean of subjective, unraveling, scholastic, analysis, thinking out aloud, which definitely leads to somewhat DESIRABLE tangential effects in other disciplines and activities!!So, thats for that. I forgot, what I was setting to write out, in this paragraph/ update. Something about thinking, reflecting, in this super storm centre, as opposed to motion/ moving/ flowing. Sitting, brooding, thinking, visceral ruminations @ the storm centre! So when its finally over, can get some action! ;)

17th Oct, Thursday
Same transit in 2007: Amidst the super stormy astro phase ( described in the earlier paragraph), today I found time to browse through my past Karmic months across the years, from 2005 onwards itself. Namely the period of Sun's transit through my 12th house, virgo, 17th sep- 17th oct, and especially when this period coincided with Devi Pakshya. In 2007, i found this transit condition closest to this current phase, now. Then, it was my wifes sisters wedding in Guwahati, scheduled post Bijaya Dashami, analogous to this current aforementioned Nuclear phase! This wedding had been almost improbable for me to attend for a work commitment, regrading a office/ showroom site @ Guwahati. Since I was based in Delhi, I had taken responsibility of purchasing architectural materialsfrom much reasonable rates from Delhi markets and dispatch them to Guwahati. And my associate/ colleague based in Guwahati had taken the responsibility of site managment, design/ supervision at Guwhati site. But, because of the wedding, it was all askew. I had to be in Guwahati, and my friend in his strange territory of Delhi. Roles had to be wtitched to our detriment. Constant phone calls, confusions, misdirections were flooding our world!! Being in Guwahati I had to balance between wedding arrangements as well as site issues, which were NOt my forte. A tightrope walk between devil and the deep blue sea. But, despite all this drama, the things at the Guwahati site were  somehow crawling a notch above disaster level, slowly crawling to resolution. Until I went nuclear because of Mercury overdrive..

Mercury Overdrive:  Because of the combined effect of Shakti Paksh, natal return of Sun + Merc in 12th house, Virgo, and the prevailing stress of the chaotic site, wedding arrangmenets, all together, suddenly I completely became Mercury overdrive! People respond to stress in TWO WAYS: first way is normal CRASHDOWN/ collapse/ breakdown, and second way which is Very Ironic, a compensatory mechanism, is by going HYPER/ Overdrive/ Nuclear! I completely became Mercury on Steroids!! Suddenly I became: over friendly, over humorous, over snappy, over jesterly, over talkative, over social, over clever, over all overs!!!! Since Sun + Mercury is in this combination in my natal birth chart in 12th house Virgo, when they actualyl come to this position in the skies, that too, along with prevailing Shakti/ Durga/ Paksh ruling deity of Virgo, the consequencesof this phase,  if unchecked can be disastrous, drainage, incarnate for me. For me it represents a period of Super Draingae by Over Performance!!! Super Drainage by over communication! Super Drainage by being Glib/ Loquacious/ Over Talkative Speech/ Over humorous/ Cynosure of all attention/ trying to hog all the lmieligh in someone elses show, like photgraphers in music concerts who try to become bigger acts than the musicians themsleves!! In fact, in my entire lifetime, I have continuosly exhibited this planetary combination, and have to semi-consciously keep it in check  BUT during this Karmic phase, it went on horrific OVERDRIVE, beyond control, went Nuclear!

In the wedding, I went overdrive, forgetting all about the pending duties of my site, I went overboard, OVERDRIVE, beyond control... I went Nuclear! The fallout/ effects of that particular daemonic pahse, I could feel for years and years, and years! Some radioactive overdrive, is NOT so easy to wash down! But yes, it has taught me a LOT on the way! Made me understand my own horrorscope in a deeper way!!  In fact, this year, God has given me a second/ seventh chance to completely negate the mistake of that Daemonic year, 2007. The central/ key/ root players of that 2007 wedding, namely  my in- laws are here with us in Delhi for some work, pleasure trip. My mum in law is staying with us. My mother in law has very powerful Sun Mercury energies in her chart. Yes, everyone finds her energy as Durga incarnate! That year, in 2007, I had tried to be something which I'm NOT.. and to my own detriment, damage, and..  radioactive burnout! This year, since the Universe/ Lord Vishnu, ever working in His mysterious ways, has placed them, especially HER with us in Delhi, in that exact, specific, astrological + DeviPaksh, transit/ phase. It's my perfect cosmic opportunity to undo my gross mistakes of 2007! For Good! 
So this time I am responding in a completely Moon/ Saturnine/ Varuna manner to her Sun/ Mercury/ Durga  energies! Rather than out talk, her, I'm responding in a more listening, hearing, approach! This is something I have learnt to do with my wife, for our mutual benfit/ progress. BUT, with my mother in law, because of our vastly SHARED territory of religion/ astrology/ numerology (she's a hard core intutive numerologist), poooja paath etc, often I used to find myself trying to.. Out Herod Herod, a classical Greek saying pertaining to unneccesary Over - performance!! And, amazingly, the current phase is strange mirroring, rather becoming a mirror/ INVERSE of those critical Devi Paksh in 2007!
What a relief.. Karmic release.. is all that i can say..

Karmic Strategies for Over Performance
17th Oct, Thursday, as described in the above paragraph, I'm currently trying to undo the damage of Over Performance of this similar astro phase in 2007. Basic strategy, is to create balance by Under Performing! Respond to the natural stress of this period in a healthier, natural, normal way. By accepting the natural lethargy, heaviness, tiredness of this phase. And NOT cover up or resort to Disguise this inehrent Lacking by Over performance!! This IS a Karmically draining phase, so let's take it THAT way...

18th Oct, Friday: History Repeating Itself..
One of the most fascinating things I find in Vedic astrology is the phenomenon of Historical Events,  Event cycles repeating themselves! In my previous series, namely the last 4 posts of , Saturn Retro 2013, (post 69- 73), I had discussed Exact Mirror Inverse or Exact Reversal between the periods of Saturn Retro 2009 and 2013. And now, as I mentioned in the previous paragraph, I am finding this current ongoing phase perfectly parallel to it's transit and Tithi to Devi Paksh 2007.  In the same way, after going through my 2007 journal in detail, I've found that this current aforementioned 8 days of 2013, (11th oct- 18 oct), ARE an Exact Mirror Inverse, of its corresponding 8 days of Tithi in 2007 ( 19th Oct - 26th Oct)!  These current eight days in 2013, i.e, from Durga Asthami and Laxmi Purnima of 2013, namely 11th Oct - 18th Oct, are an Exact Mirror Inverse of it's corresponding 8 days of Tithi in 2007, namely Durga Asthami to Laxmi Purnima, 19th Oct - 26th Oct  of 2007! I hate to write so technical/ historical/ archival, but that is because these posts are supposed to provide accurate testimony of my observations. And, in this case, the unbelievable miracle of History Repeating Itself, thru underlying Karma. The mechanism of Real Events repeating themselves, reversing themselves, in different patterns of the same wave- cycle, is so damn fascinating! So, it demands this precise ievitable historical comparison!! See my last four posts of Saturn Retro 2013 "Paris Reversed", aptly colour coded.. to understand this mircale mechanism of Time/ Kala, history, repeating itself, inverting itself. According to quotient of our underlying/ pending Karma!!

Basically, those eight days in 2007, I was in a ultra- public tornado of  vast, expansive, grand spectacle of wifes sisters marriage. Getting completely swept off my feet by the unimaginable Shakti/ Durga / transit! And these past eight days in 2013, I am in a infra- private cyclone of complex, visceral, intense nature. Getting completely bogged down/ swamped by the unimaginable Shakti/ Durga / transit! The transit, the key players of the event ( my in laws) are all there, but the scenario, the unfolding events, my personal response is diammetrically opposite.

In 2007, like a MAD FOOL, I was behaving like a Sun- Mercury, super- public dude,  gone completely BERSERK. But 2013, finds me prudently crawling, fearfully treading, in a mixture of Saturn- Moon visceral ooze, brooding, thinking, and introspecting. In this damn Karmic Transit of my Karmic month!!

21st Oct, Monday: Conclusion
Was at Amritsar with wife and her parents, for a visit to the Golden Temple, Wagha Border, Jalianwala Bagh, etc. Reaching Amritsar on Devi Paksh Purnima, Friday night, 18th oct, brought this Karmic month of mine to conclusion. We reached Amritsar under the Full moon of Rajasic Shakti.  And the trip was superchaotic, stormy, full of events. Now back home, slowly recovering.  ;)

22nd Oct, Tuesday: After the Super STORM
After talking to two of my Solar friends, Lueit and Nandini, yesternight, and today morning: the results were obvious: this time, the force/ power of the Devi Paksh was SO POWERFUL that the effects of this rajasic, solar, Devi Paksh lasted until Krishna Paksh 3, yesternight, Monday, 21st October. So high was the Rajasic moon of Devi Paksha that it continued BEYOND Full Moon on Friday, 18th Oct  and continued uptil until Krishna Paksh 3 yesternight, when the waning Krishna Paksh moon had reduced to 80% of its Full Moon bloom! I am not at much liberty to discuss the disasters of the Amritsar trip, except that, on Laxmi Puja Purnima, full moon, as we reached Amritsar, and moved on auto (No cabs around) to hotel, two guys sped on bike by and snatched my mom-in- laws bag, containing cash, gold, mobile, cards etc. At the VERY peak of Devi Paksh, full moon/ Poornima!
What I have observed that, this time Devi Paksh was Truly nuclear!! Truly mind boggling! Glad that being Saturnine, and of malefic Sun, I could pay off a lot of my Karmic Debts, Ego sacrifices especially during this Super High Solar Rajasic period!!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Time for Karmic Cleansing: 20th sep- 4th Oct

Kalsarp Yog + Pitri pakshya: 20th Sep - 4th Oct
As I narrated in detail my earlier post, Kalsarp Yog is going on from from 28th April- 2nd Oct. MUCH more significant is, that the last leg of this Five month long Kalsarp Yog, overlaps with annual Pitri/ Preta Pakshya or Shraddh period from 20th Sep - 4th Oct.  Making this a Super Special period for all kinds of Karmic Cleansing. Be it regarding paying tributes to departed souls of near and dear ones, or be it to tribute and honour to past experiences. I would say, that this is a special period for the 12th house in your horoscope. Signifying past debts, past Karmic Connections. It is highly advisable not to commence anything NEW or fresh in this period. merely use it to continue older things, regurgiate, older and continuing things. Bring your to focus to LONG PENDING issues.

Significance of this Rare Period
This IS a very special phase where Kalsarp Yog is OVERLAPPING with 2013's annual Pitra/ Preta Paksha period. This conjunct has tremendous Karmic/ occult significances. Kalsarp yog as explained in detail in my earlier post, is a period when ALL planets (excluding the oscillating/ shifty Moon), are HEMMED/ HEDGED on Side of the Rahu Ketu axis. This period signifies the Shedding of the older skin of the Kalsarp, the Serpent of Time. And as evryone already knows Pitra/ Preta Paksha period is to pay homage to departed souls, old matters before the Fresh new period of Navaratra sets in. Hence, BOTH these extremely Regressive phases overlapping each other brings special energies to the environment around us.

Personally speaking
After the blast/ high of my 40th birthday, Iwas feeling very much dehydrated. On 19th noon, i had a old leftover ice cream bar, lurking in the back of the ice box. As soon as i had it, i felt something was wrong. I later tried to compensate by having a lot of hot pepper. At night, I had leftover spicy meat curry from my birthday gift from Rinku. From 20th morning I was completely down and out, in illness, throat infection, fever, etc. But more than the bodily discomfiture, I noticed that my mind was running all over the place. Random thoughts from lurking corners of the shadowy past were blooming all over my consciousness. The brain was going in a retro mode. To the world of blurred edges, margins, fringes. Long lost issues, pending thoughts suddenly made their way into the forefront. At least, I was IN TUNE, with the universal order of things. From 19th evening itself, I had spontaneously faded in, into this regressive, illness, mode. And, though from a bodily standpoint, feeling obviously bad, FROM a Broader perspective... perfect timing!
Slowly, i noticed, that a lot of people from past histories were making their entrance into my life. So at least, in this illness/ regression/ contemplation, i can do some effective Karmic Cleansing. From 20th sep- 4th Oct!!

Suggestions for this phase
  1. Charitable acts, donating food items to poor is a great way to appease the departed souls. 
  2. Participating in Tarpan rituals, memorial homage to their memories assist their journey across heavens. 
  3. Helping, assisting others in their problems. Lending a kind shoulder.
  4. Prayers, chanting, meditation is really helpful. 
  5. Any kind of reflection, remembrance, nostalgia, retrospection, and contemplation is perfect!

Occult/ Karmic Potential of this Phase:
This very special phase where both Kalsarp Yog and Pitra/ Preta Paksha are in conjunct brings many occult/ Karmic potentials to those aware of it. Just imagine, Kalsarp, the Serpent of Time has entered the Ghost Zone, Preta/ Pitra Paksha. Making it IDEAL for accessing pending, haunting, issues in our lives. And trying to make amends to them. This period gives EASY access into the subconscious, semi consciousness of our minds. To access those gray lurking, areas in the fringes, edges of our consciousness. You mind suddenly find yourself regressing into past thoughts, pending and vexing matters. Don't worry, you ARE perfectly on universal schedule! In fact THIS is the TIME to not move forward BUT wait, pause, chew the cud, face your inner demons, resolve them, and finally move forward with FRESHEST NEW energy the Universe has to offer, from 5th Oct!!

Sombre White V.s. Sexy Black:
sombre White V.S. sexy Black I always wondered about the Vedic association of the colour white  to sraddha, mourning, widowhood, funeral rituals. Why not black, as universally ascribed in the Western
world to mourning rituals, funerals, gloominess, etc. This preta paksha + kalsarp yoga, I've ACTUALLY comprehended the underlying connection of white and mourning. Actually personally experienced it in a subjective and physical manner. Especially, after online interaction with a Qabbalah scholar and  magickal practitioner, Ty Dawson. Who had some fantastic insights in facebook notes on  the sephiroth dynamics. Especially in the cosmic Opposition/ dynamics of sephiroth (2) Chokmah, representing the Divine Cosmic Father versus Sephiroth (3) Binah, representing the Divine Cosmic Mother.

After much thought, i came to an overwhelming conclusion. The best way to describe my past ten days of Pitru Paksha (especially boosted by the current Kalsarp Yog ): I have been feeling WHITE! White as in paleness, colourless, sparse, ni- ras ( devoid of rasa). White as in the universal scourge that bleaches our life, and makes it colourless. As opposed to serpentine, magickal, fluidic potency of Black. Black as in Kali/ Tara, mystery, power, occult, magic of Shakti. WHITE as in the formal, sombre white, sterile interiors of a hospital, or the white board room of a corporate interiors. Black as in the feminine, energies of the night, Saturnine mysteries, the Third Sephiroth of Binah. WHITE as Chokmah, the blazing energy, the masculine Godhead, The Jupiterean father, Divine cosmic Father, Pitra/ Brahma/ Brihaspati.

The SOMBRE WHITE connecting all rituals during Pitru paksha, paying obeisance to the Divine father, Brahma, Brihaspati, Pitra, worshipped in form of departed ancestors. WILD BLACK, as in the prevalence of shakti energies running fluid, and dynamic, for the entire course of the rest of the year! It's interesting to note that due to various curses, lord Brahma/ Pitra is only worshipped during this period of Pitra Paksh! Hence, original Vedic standpoint is more from the point of Binah ( worship of Cosmic Divine Mother), rather than Chokmah signifying the worship of Cosmic Divine Father, represented by

Damn! due to the influence of Pitru Paksh/ Brahma/ Pitra, I'm sounding like an Jupiterean scholar, a priestly guy, a knowledgeable scholar. Not me, at all!! FOR, I'm a Saturnine, Binah ruled guy, full of flux, duality, fluid motion, and deconstruction. And this Pitra/ Chokmah (2) phase is helping me understand and recognise my own inner Binah / Saturnine nature much better! BUT FOR A CONSIDERABLE TIME IN MY LIFE REGRADLESS/ IGNORANT OF MY INNER NATURE, i had been ADOPTING and IMBIBING the Jupiterean principles of Chokmah/ Divine father/ Cosmic Patriarch/ Brahma principles. At my own cost. At my own great undoing..!!

Personal updates, 30th sept, Monday:
I had planned a Live update for this very special phase from 20th sep- 4th Oct, where both Kalsarp Yog and Pitra/ Preta Paksha are in conjunct. But events unfolding found me in such a scattered mode, that it was difficult to cohere and integrate the ideas together. Here, I attempt, at the Tenth day:
  1. Firstly, there was a noticeable lack of constructive/ productive activities. Especially in a usual, slow, unfolding, continuing way, that it normally happens for me. All positivity happened in spurts/ flashes and vanished. There was a lot of combustion, irritation, all around. 
  2. And my illness which began from 20th Sep, has somehow magically persisted, continued into this TENTH day. On many occasions I found myself indulging in diet, stuff that regressed the healing process. Neither did I managed to land up at an allopathic doctor for qucik, and fast solution. Somehow, I had (in) voluntarily LINGERED this long illness, even as I write now! The entire time has passed by in a hazy, blur of incoherence.
  3. A Lot of Pending Issues, vexing matters were resurrected all around me. People went into retrospection modes. Old pending stuff from years and years back has been unearthed. Which brought a very heavy mood to me overall. Definitely, acceleration, forward motion, change had completely halted all around. I could distinctly feel a REGRESS into my old habits, moods, dispositions.
  4. I started seeing series of repetitive haunting dreams in this period. Especially those, that I associate with the typical taste of past life residues. In these past  10 days, it's like, I became a zombie, walking around in a cloudy haze. More than the account of my prevailing ilness, it was the natural disposition. I had briefly gone to the mall, yesterday, with a friend Nayanika. But even then, amidst the hulabaloo of the shining lights, we traversed on OLD, pending topics, unearthing dark, shady secrets. Very unlikely, in the bright, lights of Select Citywalk Mall, Saket. 
  5. Today, as I write this, on the hustle of a workday morning, I STILL feel the linegring, oppressive, cloudy haze. Have I managed to cross these last tend days appropriately? All i can remember is a hazy blur. This entire week lies ahead. Only will it get over, hopefully, on Saturday! Cheers/ all d best!    
 @ Fag End of Kalsarpa's Tail
I had planned to update earlier, but, due to technical editing, formatting problems, it's only now, today morning, that I am being able to manage. These events/ phases/ energies have their own life/ Ego, they Choose WHEN to be updated or narrated! ;)
The cough, cold, that began on 20th Oct, still somehow continues, after brief pauses of relief, release. Even, i'm not helping it by two bouts of cold beer drinking, once, on the Eve of Kalsraps end.
1st Oct, Tuesday
Evening, we went to drop sango's employee Sugandha to her home at Hauz Khas, bcos it was too late. Later ended up partying at Cafe OTB, terrace floor. Suddenly partying, just 14 hrs before the FIVE MONTH long Kalsarp Yog ended. On the Very EVE of Kalsarps end! Later at home was called by Landlord/ guide Sunil at 11:30, (u-characteristically, as he sleeps sharp by 10 pm) to check a horoscope of his family friend. They too going thru this Kalsarp effects since past five months. Reading the horoscope at midnight hour felt so omnious of the changing times. Later chatted and reconnected with old pal Neeraj from my traumatic Mumbai struggling musician in Bollywood days. So many past memories were awash all over me. So very much of them. The Hindi term is: SAILAAB: the flood of emotions!! Till 2:30 am, until wife gave jhaaru on me! 
 2nd Oct, Wednesday 
Awoke, foggy, drowsy, cloudy brain, hang over, from all that spicy food, beer, outside it was a National Holiday, Gandhi Jayanti. Felt so Barren/ white/ Wednesday morning. The barren white scourge of death. gimme sexy/ black night time, ANY day.. er night! PALE, dead WHITE, barren desert. The VOID of  Wednesday morning! Sun +Mercury (Budha+ aditya Yog)  in my 12th house of Karmic Debts/ loss. Every morning feels so drained for me. ESPECIALLY, Wednesday and Sunday mornings.Eemphasising Karmic Debts. This Preta Paksh morning felt so ESPECIALLY barren, VOID, desert like. What Deleuze calls the "Desert of the Real". 
Later afternoon had to go to friend Pratisha's pre birthday celbrations at Gurgaon. The entire day wife was stuck in sending some important online document. Later, no auto, driver on holiday, metro was unimaginably late!!  We finally reached her place at Sohna road, Gurgaon, around 4 o clock, for LUNCH! Ominously,  much after 2:25 pm, the exact moment of Kalsarp's end, as Venus moved into Scorpio, ending this FIVE MONTH long Kalsarp Yog! After we reached Pratisha's place, I partied hard. Drowned myself in beer and fried chicken. In fact, I almost conked off towards the end! What astrological timing, this celebration AT the very END of 5 months of Kalsarp Yog! But I deferred to put up her b day snaps, UNTIL Saturday, once this Pitra Paksh phase also finally ends! I wanted this sickly photo, sickly body, sickly mind, sickly state  of mine to REMAIN until the end of Pitra Paksh. Wanted to do this by the book, this Karmic phase. Later evening, we came to meet our Landlord sunil, and joined him in Chanting for 1/2 hour. Later at night, I did/ could feel some pressure points of the body trickle away. Definitely Kalsarps invisible pressure were relenting. I found it AMAZING that the body/ mind, being able to sense and register these Phase changes!! 
3rd Oct, Thursday
Morning I can distinctly feel the continuing morose stranglehold of Pitra Paksh. The cloudy, white, hangover, feeling of moroseness. Perfectly and exactly like a sradhh/ Vedic funeral ceremony. The very whiteness of Brahma's sterile, austere clothes.  Because prior to this year, I somehow had quite the partying and energising during Pitra Paksh, strange! And a definitive sense of body burning,  ONCE Devi Paksh began! I can say, that this phase has adhered since Pitra/ Devi Paksha of Oct, 2005. A month before my marriage. This time, also the partying has happened, but on EVE of Kalsarps end and the HOUR of Kalsarp's end. And today morning, I still feel the extreme morose, gloomy atmosphere of the Vedic sraddha/ Funeral. The exact description of Edgar Allan Poe's classic story, The Fall Of The House Of Usher, regarding the invisible layer of desolation. 
I can also relate this feeling of Death, Pale Whiteness to Dhumavati, the cosmic Widow! The morose sterile austerity of a monk, bereft from the juicy, blood/ sweat/ tears/ ooze of physical, material reality. I can understand Brahma/ Pitra's energies. The cloudy, misty, desolation of Pale white.

1: 40 pm: Today, 3rd Oct, Thursday, while going to the nearby Sanatan Dharam, Navagraha Temple, for my weekly Daan/ donation to Brihaspati/ Jupiter, I prayed to Jupiter as Brihaspati/ Brahma/ Pitra. Like my late astro guru T.N. Sarma once indicated, that only Jupiter indicating Pitra/ Brahma can be worshiped during Pitra Paksh/ sraddh. So for me, it was merely substituting the alternative names of Jupiter/ Brihaspati during my weekly ritual. And after exiting the temple, I brought biscuits and distributed them to poor people around. Todays Chaturdashi Tithi, penultimate day of Pitra Paksh, special day for praying for souls of departed who died of Violent/ unnatural deaths: accidents, violence, suicide, poisoning, unnatural circumstances. After returning from the temple, I was browsing briefly through my journals of earlier years.. and yes, there was somehow a LOT of partying involved annualy during this period of Pitra Paksh/ mourning. I felt like such and utter fool, reading my crawly handwritten journal notes. About "celebrating in memorial to departed ancestors, dead souls'. "partying" in memory to their memories. Haha! Conversely, today, I feel the burning white of the air around. The sterile heaviness of the light ( I could have been a poet). 

9: 58 pm:  An Ode to Poe and lovecraft
The day went by in so much heaviness. Even though my friend Susmit had come down early from work, and I had gone off to get some snacks for the office from CR Park, Market No.2. My wife haad indigestion after having the samosas and was cursing me.  I had to go see some furniture samples with wife to traffic jam packed Yusuf  Sarai @ evening jam. Problems with the driver. Stomach feeling queasy from haphazard food. I'm feeling a vast lethargy, all around me. I was reading through some stuff bu my favourite writers H.P Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe, and it's hard not to believe, that such desolate, dark demonic emotions specific to this Pitru Paksha had not touched their subconscious, their creativity. Meanwhile could only crawl to Chapter VIII of the Garuda Puran, as rituals suggested during this phase. Paramount heaviness. A gloom that must have crawled from ancient ages. The description of Vaitarani river in Garuda Puran, the river of catharsis and gloom. One should read these texts to understand the prevailing heaviness of this Tamasic phase. What I find ironic, that this phase in the past many years was quite buzzing and boosting for me. Something has changed along the way.  Maybe my equation with Shakti- Pitra polar opposition. 
LATER, one friend had called me over for dinner at his place, as his mum had come over. But somehow, i couldn't gather myself together, to reach or set out. I regressed back into the stupor of  severe domestic inertia. Even in the daytime, as i had randomly regressed through facebook, I came upon Demonic pages from far and across. Even my mind was slow,  I regressed into times, far and ancient. Of heavy topics, and desert wastelands, crossed in yore. Let these words of mine pay homage to the hovering spirits, homeless wraiths of Pitru Paksha. When the daemonic, un-resolved souls descent to earthly realm.
Damn, re reading these lines, I could have become a profound writer, but sadly the juice oozes only during cathartic expulsions, i.e, when I'm NOT trying to CREATE but rather exorcise/ catahrsize myself of heavy, burdensome loads upon my soul. In a ritualistic and cathartic manner. ONLY when I'm trying to exorcise these passing inner demons! Sun+ Merc in 12th house, Virgo makes this phenomenon slightly understood. Damn, i should be getting PAID for these writings, insights, but no, hardly they ever get read ( i have  considerable observation of Google analytics of each post), but especially MORE SINCE, these additional paragraphs have been ADDED to the original post. May my lost words be a dedication/ homage to the lost Pitrus/ Pitras/ spirits/ wraiths/ homeless wandering souls across limbo,  in this Pitra Paksha period. I should lament NOT, that human eyes may NOT hover over these heartfelt ramblings, but I should take comfort, that slightly in-human eyes MAY do hover over them, ;)! Good, i didn't go for dinner/ diversion! This Preta Paksha Chaturdashi, fresh after 5 month Kalsarp is a rare astrological transit to experience and narrate. And as mortals, burdened/ with astrological knowledge of such transits, It becomes mine personal duty to lay testimony to the emotions and spirit of this passing phase. Lest, some another mortal eyes wandering over these lines, can empathize with similar sentiments, that they might be experiencing! And thereby understand the overwhelming influence of passing astro transits! (I do feel temporarily possessed by the spirit & narrative style of my eternally favourit Edgar Allan Poe). My homage to them, mighty spirits, whose dark styles do continue to inspire and move us, across the Aeons!