Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chronicle 03: Karmic Quotas

30th Jan, 2012. Today whole day was packing, cramming stuff, transferring cartons into our new rental place at vasant kunj. Somehow, we're doing our own packing and shifting instead of calling movers and packers. Yesterday whole day I was down with acidity, gas breathlessness amidst piles of household stuff, sacks, bags, dust etc. But at least in this ghoulish process, I'm finally climbing some LONG pending Karmic mountains. Whenever we voluntarily choose to address long pending issues, fears, we begin the process of clearing Karmic debts.

Since last six years of our married life, my wife has wanting to shift into a larger place. We saw 40 plus houses last year alone, but always some glitch, fault, inetrnal blockage postponed our shifting decision. And the blockage, postponement, apprehension was always from my side. I felt a mountain of apprehension about moving out of our current place at GK II. Even though the place was very small, had a vast terrace and a feelgood factor/radiance that made all houses we saw not seem nice. We had a extraordinary relation with our landlord and late landlady. and intense confort zone in GKII, masjid moth. Somehow I didnt want to move out of our coccon/ safe haven. Especially during our current unfavourable planetary transits. But this 29th Dec, when we 're hit with the news of Sangeetas father having been diagnosed with cancer and that he had to come for treatment to Delhi, we suddenly NEEDED a larger place in the shortest posssible time. And we just closed on a house immedeatly as soon as we saw it.
We saw 56+ houses since last 5 years and kept delaying, deciding for endless months. But suddenly we had to move in a span of a week.

What exactly happened here? All these years, the pending Karma related to house shifting was getting reduced. Finally one day the quota of perplexity and vexation to be experienced got over. And  then we just moved. Yes, its all about Karmic quotas in the end. You have to finish your own quota of prarabdh (pending) Karma. Before moving on.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chronicle 02: Confessing before the Pitra/ Preta...

28th jan, 1am, midnight. Just finished watching M Night Shyamalans movie "Devil", for the second time. Five people trapped in a lift. One of them is the devil. All the people in the lift are guilty of grave sins. Finally everyone dies at the devil's hands as he claims their souls. Except one who confesses.  About his secret sin. And the devil.. spares his soul.
Shyamalan's Devil has been portrayed to be the equivalent of Vedic Pitras/ Pretas. Who keeps track of our secret sins and punishes us accordingly. Even if we have buried our secret sins deep inside our souls. So deep that we ourseleves have forgotten them. And confessing/ acceptance is the only way to be spared from hell.
TODAY, I am going through a difficult phase and last few days have been really severly difficult for me. The movie Devil has been an eye opener/ sign for me. I take this opportunity to express that I myself am totally responsible for this suffering that I'm currently going through. It was mine own arrogance, vanity, superiority complex that has led to my current downfall. I DID NOT recognize/accept the good blessings when they were sent my way. And hence today have to  suffer the consequence of my own arrogance/ vanity/ indifference. On this blog of preta/ pitra karma I want to express that it is the ghost of our own sins that return to haunt us. Like I am being now. I have expressed to at least three friends about the cause of my own current problem. May the Pitras/ Pretas  forgive me for my blind vanity/ arrogance. I pray for salvation. I pray for forgiveness on this public domain.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Chronicle 01: Arriving to Karmic Conclusions

This blog has gone through multitudes of topic/ subject changes before I finally arrived to begin talking about the topic closest to my heart and soul: past pending Karma. In my life, I have pursued years of astrology, worship, religion, philosophic enquiry, metaphysics, analysis only to finally discover one deeply personal truth:  the Irrevocable Effects of past/ Pending Karma in our present life. Every breath of our "Now', current existence is loaded with invisible effects of past, pending Karmas. And only when we ACKNOWLEDGE this, can we begin to make some sense of our current physical existence.
Prior to this, I was trying so hard to forcibly talk/ speak about topics that were FAR removed from my daily reality, my daily existence. But whats the point of writing a blog unless it's about something Real. But today, when I write this sentence, I feel some strange kind of relief/ release. I am finally talking about the most important subject of  my life: Karma, especially Past/ pending Karma. EVERYDAY I go through the physical effects of pending Karmic issues. EVERDAY I interact with people going through the Harvest of their Karmic sowings. Everyday, every hour, every minute and second. So much information, experiences, inference to draw from. But even THIS moment was exquisitely designed, so that is that. Every issue, every funda of my daily life had SO MUCH of pending Karmic effects.